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Making the right choices

Grinter’s Funeral Home are available on call whenever a death occurs. Our role is to relieve you from as much of the pressure of organising the funeral as possible. We’ll serve as your adviser, organiser, administrator and supporter to ensure your funeral choices are arranged sensitively and carefully.

Steps to take & things to consider

Burial or Cremation

New Zealand law requires burial in an officially designated cemetery. If you choose burial, there will be fees for the plot purchase and for the interment. It is possible to buy double-depth plots to allow for a second interment. (An opening fee will apply for the second interment.) Fees are set by local councils. If you decide on cremation, there will be fees for that and, if you choose, interment in a cemetery.

Many people choose to keep the ashes to distribute or bury at a time & place that is special. Some crematoria are privately owned, but their fees are usually on a par with those run by councils. None of these fees include headstones, plaques or similar memorials.

For more information, visit the Burial & Cremation Options section of the website

The Venue

Churches are popular settings for funeral services. Churches often have halls or reception areas available for friends and family to get together after the service. Many funeral homes also provide a chapel and reception area for funeral gatherings. Clubrooms, such as RSA and sporting clubs, are also popular venues for services, and many also choose outdoor locations such as parks or sports grounds which were important to the deceased. We will help you explore all the available the options. A fee or donation may be charged for some venues and your funeral director will be able to advise on this.

Celebrant or Minister

Clergy or celebrants often lead funeral services. Celebrant’s fees reflect the time they spend with the family to become familiar with the deceased and prepare and conduct the service.

Casket choices

A wide variety of traditional or contemporary-styled caskets and coffins are available – from plain through to ornate, some even with personalised designs. We have illustrated catalogues from various manufacturers to help with your selection.

Registering the Death

There is a legal requirement to register a death, and your funeral director will organise this. There is also a fee payable to the government for issuing a death certificate.

A death certificate is also necessary when applying for funeral grants and is sometimes required to settle estate legalities.

Newspaper notices

While not compulsory, newspaper notices formally advise the deceased’s friends and community of the death as well as where and when the funeral service will take place. Grinter’s Funeral Home will help write the funeral notice and organise publication. Newspapers charge on a cost-per-line rate, and this will be included in the Grinter’s Funeral Home account.newspaper notices

Service Sheets

Printed service sheets usually carry a photograph of the deceased, the words to hymns, songs and verse, and information about the service. There are many options of card or paper you can use for the service sheets, and Grinter’s Funeral Home will advise and organise this.


A gathering after the service is often a rare opportunity for family and friends of the deceased to get together. Funeral homes and churches usually have reception areas for such gatherings. Catering choices are available and your funeral director will have options and price lists for you to consider. We can also provide details of other suitable venues if a church or chapel is not used for the service.


A family bouquet for the casket and other floral tributes are always popular as an expression of affection for the deceased. We will be able to supply you with details and options from a nearby florist.


Not many funerals these days are conducted without some form of musical tribute to the deceased. Options range from organ music to CDs or even DVDs. Many churches and funeral homes can offer organ music, for which there is usually a resident organist available for a fee. Funeral homes mostly offer sound systems for playing CDs or DVD tributes.

Video Memories/DVD

We are also able to arrange a video recording of the funeral as a memento. Some families like to have this to send to others, such as family members who are unable to attend the funeral on the day.

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