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Funeral Costs & Payment

Upon consultation we will discuss the options for the various parts of the funeral and the expenses involved. Due to the many variables, it is not possible to give exact ideas on costs. We will however, be able to give you a costings estimate based on your locality and your requirements.

It is worth noting that a funeral will typically require 16 to 20 hours of a funeral director’s time. Our fee also covers overheads such as premises, vehicles, staff salaries and a 24-hour service. We also act as an agent for other suppliers involved with the funeral (such as flowers, newspaper notices, toll calls, transportation, cemetery or cremation fees, gratuities and catering) So the invoice you receive is really multiple accounts in one.

If you have financial concerns regarding the funeral, we can provide a funeral service to suit both your needs and your financial circumstances. Simply let us know and we can guide you through the process and possibly suggest agencies you can approach to help with costs.

Settling the funeral account

Grinter’s Funeral Home will require a deposit when taking instructions from you. Most accounts will be charged interest on outstanding accounts or add a service fee if the account is unpaid by the due date.

In line with normal commercial practice, Grinter’s Funeral Home requires you to pay by the due date. When the settlement of an estate is delayed, families should pay the account by the due date and recover the expenses from the estate.

Most funeral firms send their account directly to the family, with a copy to the solicitor, if required. Although usually, the person making the arrangements with the funeral director remains responsible for paying the invoice.

When a funeral is being arranged we incur a significant outlay on your behalf which covers expenses to all external service providers arranged by Grinter’s Funeral Home for the funeral service. Because of this, prompt payment of the account by the due date is very much appreciated.

Funeral Financial Assistance

Accident Compensation

The Accident Compensation Corporation has a funeral grant available where the death is the result of an accident. We can help you with these applications. If you’d like to know more about how to apply for financial assitance with a funeral, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it further with you.


When someone dies, his or her spouse or parent (or executor of the estate) can apply to Work & Income New Zealand for a lump-sum contribution towards funeral costs. You should be aware that this grant is means tested and covers only a portion of the funeral costs.


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