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Light a candle for your loved one

When the flame of life of a loved one flickers out, we find ourselves missing that piece of light that they shone. 

Having recently lost a dearly loved member of your family or good friend, you may be finding this a difficult time of the year.

We like to pause for reflection, to remember and honour those who are sadly no longer with us.

We warmly welcome you to join us at our special remembrance service on Wednesday the 5th of December at the Thorn Cafe, Moxon Centre (The Selwyn Centre St Andrew's). The atmosphere will be inviting and friendly, we will be putting on drinks and nibbles and we’d love to see you there.
We will be playing Christmas Carols and a selection of remembrance tunes, for your enjoyment, Sue Schnuriger will officiate a touching and meaningful service.

Please call us on 07 827 6037 or complete the form below to confirm your attendance – feel free to bring other family and friends.
We look forward to seeing you and your family at our remembrance service.
Jim, Jan, David, Nikki & Hayley

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