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Grinter’s Funeral Home is no ordinary funeral home…

In a profession known for its tradition and conservatism – we break the mould. We are friendly, professional, and genuine with a modern approach to funerals. Our way is refreshing, and can be experienced in every facet of our business; our people, our facilities, and the services we provide.

Our Community Involvement

The community is a big part of who Grinter's are. Our team are involved in many community initiatives and events, and help wherever we can. 

Our Values:

We believe...

  • that a funeral should be about the person first and foremost. It’s their set of values, cultural influences, beliefs and final wishes that should come to the fore. When this happens, you know the person is being remembered in a relevant and meaningful way.
  • that funeral choices shouldn’t be pre-set. Funerals can be small intimate affairs, large public gatherings or something in between. They can be held at a church, at home or at a public place like a park or reserve… the choice is yours.
  • that people should be comfortable talking to us. Our funeral home is warm and inviting, almost like stepping into a friend’s home.
  • that families should be involved as much as they want to be. This could include arranging the flowers for the casket, designing the service sheet or baking a cake for the reception – even painting the casket Mum’s favourite colour. Why not bring the family pet to the funeral service? If something feels right and it helps with grieving, then we will support you to make it happen.
  • that funerals shouldn’t extend beyond your expressed budget – your loved one wouldn’t want that, and we wouldn't either. That’s why we use all of our skills, experience and expertise to guide you through a process that results in a dignified, personalised service while sitting in line with your budget.

Our Team

Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ)


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